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Institutional settings

Clinical Research Platform

1、Department of Dermatology and Mycology

2、Department of Dermatology and Pathology

3、Department of Dermatology and Aesthetics

4、Laboratory of Dermatology and Immunology

5、STD Laboratory

6、Dermatology Imaging Laboratory

7、Skin Tumor Laboratory

8、Laboratory of Single Gene Dermatogenetic Diseases

Basic Research Platform

1、Dermatology Resource Center

2、Epidemiological Laboratory of Dermatology

3、Bioinformatics Research Laboratory

4、Skin Toxicology Laboratory

5、Skin Pathology Laboratory

6、Laboratory of Dermatological Genetic Analysis

7、Gene Function Laboratory of Dermatosis

Clinical Characteristic Center

1、Yinbaihong Clinic

2、Skin Surgery Center

3、Psoriasis clinic

4、Keloid diagnosis and treatment center

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