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In 2020, psoriasis refers to the south Tour, Dandelion Action and GPA online training conference 10th online and offline (Zhengzhou) was successfully held

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        For further advance psoriasis slow disease management, the standard diagnosis and treatment of patients with psoriasis by psoriasis skin venereology branch of Chinese medical association professional committee and health services in anhui province association of psoriasis speak, dandelion action refers to southern China in 2020 and GPA online training meeting "in the first 10 games in November 14, 2020 in wheat doctor platform and zhengzhou successfully convened at the venue online at the same time.



        The meeting was co-chaired by Professor Zhang Xuejun, director of the International Psoriasis Association and chairman of the psoriasis Special committee of the Dermatology and Venereology branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and Professor Zhang Chunlei, director of the Dermatology Department of Peking University Third Hospital and head of the psoriasis group of the Dermatology and Venereology branch of the Chinese Medical Association. Zhejiang university school of medicine, professor of dermatology, honorary President of psoriasis, Asia society, professor zeng, shandong university qilu hospital dermatologist professor Sun Qing director, director of the Shanghai dermatosis hospital skin medical yang-feng ding, a professor at Peking University third hospital dermatological department of dermatology, henan medical association branch of psoriatic group leader Dr Simor Liu Hongwei professors and fellow online dermatologist for a total of more than 700 people attended the meeting.



        Meeting chaired by professor zhang cl in the first half, first by the professor zeng of the look from the guide of psoriasis treatment "protracted war", from psoriatic definition, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and classification of the severity and the treatment of various aspects has carried on the detailed explanation, to emphasize the psoriatic patients usually combined cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, mental disease and other comorbidities, disease burden is heavy, so you need to control the long-term and stable condition, avoid recurrence, reduce comorbidities, improve patient quality of life, as the treatment of psoriasis. By professor zeng layman's interpretation of the guidelines, let everybody psoriasis guidelines of the 2018 edition of China had a deeper understanding, a dermatologist in the whole country especially the scene of the offline henan dermatologist can further application guide to standardize clinical diagnosis and treatment psoriasis, bring more benefit through scientific, standardized treatment psoriasis patients.



        Professor Sun Qing did "Interpretation of Expert Consensus on biotherapy for Psoriasis in China". Biological agents is a new means and domestic nearly two years for the treatment of psoriasis topical drugs, Sun Qing professor from the application principles and recommendations of psoriasis biological agents, biological treatment before the screening and treatment of monitoring, biological agents, and other treatment methods in the process of joint application, the curative effect of biological treatment of attenuation phenomenon and countermeasures, such as the application of special crowd biological agents for a detailed analysis. The purpose of this study is to enable dermatologists across the country to understand the indications and precautions of biological agents, so as to guide more patients with psoriasis to benefit from biological agents.



        Professor Ding Yangfeng presented the report "From RCT to RWE: Long-term Efficacy of Biologics". Ding from adventure to the pathogenesis of psoriasis, analysis of the development of biological agents began, China has listed the curative effect of biological agents data, summarize and study of domestic and foreign many RCT and RWE contrast to explore different biological agents for the treatment of psoriasis in the real world data, finally affirmed the ancient sage IL - 23 inhibitors especially psoriasis therapy has good curative effect for a long time.



        The second half of the meeting was presided by Professor Zhang Xuejun. First, Dr. Guan Xin introduced the 2020 China Psoriasis Monitoring Program (CGPA) project. GPA aims to continuously improve understanding of psoriasis and reveal its impact on patients, families and society. The objective of CGPA is to understand the distribution, disease status, disease burden, economic burden and quality of life of psoriasis patients in China. The establishment of a psoriasis research cohort, long-term follow-up of patients, to improve the status of health care for psoriasis, reduce the burden on patients, improve the quality of life of patients, so as to provide information for China's research on the disease, policy and health care. At the present stage, GPA psoriasis patients are recruited to participate in psoriasis questionnaire nationwide based on GPA China monitoring site and psoriasis specialty clinic, and the epidemiological survey of GPA psoriasis patients is completed. Then Dr. Guan xin explained the roles, steps and information input involved in the investigation system in an all-round way.



        In patients with "dandelion, popular science education", professor Liu Hongwei problem with the known comorbidities in patients with psoriasis was introduced in detail to high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and many other system diseases with psoriasis comorbid conditions, from another Angle to explain in detail the harm to patients with psoriasis, and then emphasizes the psoriasis the importance of early treatment, early control, reduce the recurrence. To psoriasis patients and dermatologists throughout the country on a vivid, systematic science knowledge of psoriasis comorbid education.



        In the questions and discussions, Professor Zheng min answered the questions raised by online dermatologists such as "what factors are related to the recurrence of psoriasis" and "How to better reduce the recurrence of psoriasis", and Shared her own experience and views in the treatment and guidance of psoriasis recurrence prevention.


        At last, Professor Zhang Xuejun made a summary of the meeting. Professor Zhang first praised the safe prevention and control of COVID-19 in Henan province and affirmed the learning enthusiasm of dermatologists in Henan province. He believed that both dermatologists and patients could benefit a lot from this lecture. And look forward to the meeting, driven by the special committee of psoriasis, psoriasis ZhuanBing outpatient, psoriasis research center, and the joint efforts of China's GPA members units, not only help the dermatologist "specification, safe and individualized treatment of psoriasis, also to help better understanding psoriasis patients, popular science knowledge for psoriasis, and develop the confidence to overcome the psoriasis.


Writing: Wang Jianbo, attending physician, Department of Dermatology, Henan Provincial People's Hospital

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