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The online academic meeting of the Key laboratory of Dermatology, Ministry of Education, vitiligo Precision Medicine Research Alliance was successfully held

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        The online academic lecture of the Key Laboratory of Dermatology, Ministry of Education, Precise Medical Research Alliance for Vitiligo (hereinafter referred to as "Alliance") was successfully held from 19:00 to 21:00 on November 23, 2020. The meeting was hosted by the Key Laboratory of Dermatology, Ministry of Education, and The Institute of Dermatology, Anhui Medical University. It was chaired by Professor Xiao Fengli, chairman of the Alliance and the first Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University. 230 people from the alliance and the whole country attended the meeting.
        Alliance adviser, skin diseases, director of the institute of fudan university professor zhang delivered his opening speech, he pointed out that vitiligo is a common acquired depigmentation of skin mucous membrane disease, the patient's physical and mental health caused great influence, the early stage of the alliance in basic research and clinical treatment have done a lot of work, and puts forward the ardent hope that union needed to focus on patients, according to different themes to conduct academic activities, improve the level of basic research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo.


        Professor Gao Xinghua, chairman of dermatology Branch of Chinese Medical Association and the first Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, attended the meeting and Shared "the progress of drug treatment of vitiligo". From the pathogenesis of vitiligo to reaction factors may affect the progress and treatment of vitiligo, vitiligo clinical application, especially in the biological preparation progress, combined with his clinical research at the same time, the curative effect of some traditional methods for the comb, direct attention to the front, and make good use of the existing treatment, make a precise treatment of vitiligo.


        The etiology of vitiligo is unknown, and melanocyte destruction is one of the main causes of vitiligo. Professor Wu Liangcai from the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University Shared the "new progress of vitiligo surgery and cell therapy" on the mechanism of "melanocyte reconstruction". Professor Wu Shared the wonderful progress of surgical treatment of vitiligo from two aspects of tissue transplantation and cell transplantation.


        Professor Liang Yanhua from Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University introduced the current status of biophysical therapy of vitiligo from three aspects of hot spot analysis, emerging targeted drugs and physiotherapy. From biological agents to physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine fire needles, he Shared different plans of precise treatment of vitiligo with the attending scholars.


        In the end, Professor Xiao Fengli summarized the meeting and called on more scholars to join the alliance to jointly promote the study of vitiligo. At the same time, she pointed out that the alliance would actively plan relevant academic conferences to provide more opportunities for scholars to learn and communicate, and actively promote the basic and clinical research of vitiligo.
        This academic lecture focused on the frontier of vitiligo treatment and was close to clinical practice. The content included the new advances in drug, physical, surgical and cellular therapy of vitiligo, etc., and was highly praised by participants. It is reported that the alliance was founded in 2018, committed to promote the precise medical research of vitiligo in China.

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