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Many of my professors have been selected into the top 100 influential academic names in dermatology in China

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        Recently, the global academic libraries for skin diseases, released in 2020, the latest China expert academic influence list, the list is based on "global academic library" of mass data, the paper in view of the field of dermatology, extensive collection of Chinese scholars relevant papers, considering papers cited frequency, the types of paper, the author H index, academic activity, professional disciplines focus on several important factors, comprehensive evaluation of the academic influence of scholars. My professor zhang, professor yeung sum, professor Sun Liangdan eight professors listed in the top 100, among them, professor zhang ranks the first place, professor yeung sum eighth, professor Sun Liangdan 13th, deputy researcher Yin Xianyong 50th, left first deputy researcher # 51, deputy researcher 54 weeks FuSheng, professor Fan Xing 79th, ShengYuJun, an associate professor at 80th. Among the graduate students I have trained, 6 graduates are listed in the top 100, including Professor Cui Yong at the 22nd place, Professor Liu Weida at the 23rd place, Professor Li Zhiming at the 48th place, Professor Li Ming at the 49th place, Professor Zhu Qixing at the 58th place and Professor Zhu Kunju at the 82nd place.






        Institute of dermatology, anhui medical university, and the first affiliated hospital of anhui medical university skin venereal division, skin venereal medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and social services, now the national key disciplines, national key specialty, key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education of clinical dermatology innovation team, national undergraduate course for teaching of genetics "skin venereology" editor in chief of the unit, the national graduate students for teaching "medical research papers written and published" editor in chief of the unit. Currently training postdoctoral, doctoral and master graduate student 400 people, including 1 won the national award for the best Ph.D. Thesis, national excellent doctoral dissertations mention 3 people, the international society for dermatology alliance 4 excellent graduate student paper award in the asia-pacific region, the Chinese medical association skin venereology chapter 2 year outstanding graduate award first prize. Among the graduate students, 2 have won China Youth Science and Technology Award, 2 have been selected as youth project experts under the National Program for Overseas High-level Talents, many have been selected as national talent program, and more than 50 have held leadership positions in universities, hospitals and departments respectively.

        For 20 years, the dermatology team led by Professor Zhang Xuejun has been focusing on the study of disease genome variation, looking for the pathogenic genes of Mendelian genetic disease and the susceptibility genes of complex diseases, and providing the basis for precision medicine research. More than 10 genes were found to be susceptible to complex skin diseases such as psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, vitiligo, leprosy, atopic dermatitis, pimples, scleroderma, alopecia areata and keloid. At home and abroad more than 20 teams, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, malignant melanoma, hypertension, diabetes, schizophrenia, autism, IgA nephropathy, with lupus nephritis, cleft lip and palate, rheumatoid arthritis, nearsightedness, glaucoma, allergic rhinitis, moyamoya disease, hepatitis b, severe acne, dermatomyositis and 20 kinds of complex disease susceptibility genes. The genome-wide Association Study (GWAS), completed in cooperation with the National Human Genome Southern Research Center, found that genes susceptible to complex diseases were included in the 2010 "Top 10 Scientific Advances in China". The pathogenic genes and pathogenesis of 5 rare skin diseases were found, including hidrostomy keratosis, trichoepithelioma, metatarsal keratosis, reverse acne, and hereditary oligotrichosis. More than 200 new mutations of pathogenic genes of rare skin diseases such as pigmentation disorder, epidermolysis bullosa, erythema keratosis, trichokeratosis, hypohidrosis, hyperhidrosis, tuberous sclerosis, mottle disease were found. The results of whole-genome exon sequencing, completed in cooperation with BGI, which revealed the pathogenic genes of rare diseases, were included in the "Top ten Scientific and Technological Advances of Chinese Universities" in 2012.

        I currently chaired by the national 863 projects, 973 projects, national science and technology support plan project, national natural science foundation of key projects, major international cooperation projects, outstanding youth fund projects, projects, youth fund projects and the NIH and so on more than 100 scientific research projects of cooperation, in the New England journal of medicine, the nature and nature genetics SCI papers published nearly 400 academic journals, the cumulative IF more than 2000, he led more than 20000 times, rewrite more than 40 kinds of textbooks at home and abroad, has been more than 400 kinds of English reference books. He has won eight prizes, including the second prize of The State Science and Technology Progress Award, the second prize of the State Natural Science Award (published), the first prize of the China Medical Science and Technology Award, the first prize of the Ministry of Education Natural Science Award, and the first prize of Anhui Province Natural Science Award.

        Together with Nature Publishing House, we have hosted the 9th International Forum on Disease Genomics, the 4th Chinese Psoriasis Congress and the 2nd symposium on skin biotherapy in China, which have produced good influence at home and abroad. The discipline has been ranked among the top 10 in the reputation ranking of Chinese hospitals and the top 10 in the national ranking of Chinese hospitals in terms of science and technology value, ranking first in 2017. Editor-in-chief of edition 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 of Dermatology and Venereology, the undergraduate curriculum textbook of national Health Commission, of which edition 6 won the first prize of national higher education textbook of Medicine; He was awarded the Popular science Award of The China Medical Science And Technology Award by the chief editor of a series of popular science books such as Interpretation of Psoriasis and How I Overcome The Disease.

        Subject with the United States national institutes of health (NIH), mei) school of medicine, Mayo's a-clinic), University of British Columbia, Canada (University of British Columbia), Singapore's national institute of genetics, University of Heidelberg, Germany, the University of Hong Kong li ka shing faculty of medicine, such as the United States at the University of Cincinnati and the University of Colorado Denver, scientific research institutes to establish a long-term relations of cooperation. For nine consecutive years, We have held the academic conference Workshop with Nature Genetics in China, which has become the brand conference of the Genetics forum in China. It has hosted four Chinese Psoriasis Congress and two seminars on skin biotherapy, which have produced good influence at home and abroad.

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