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Top 100 National Dermatologists' International Papers with Academic Influence (November 2020)

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        This ranking is based on "global academic library" massive paper data, for skin diseases widely collecting the relevant papers published in overseas Chinese scholars, based on the thesis of scholars academic impact assessment methods, index system and mathematical model, and then calculate each scholar each paper score, will all of its paper accumulative each scholar's total points, according to the total score from high to low order get top rankings (see below specific score ranking rules; Click "Read the Original" in the lower left corner to look up and export all papers and scores of scholars in the ranking within a limited time.







Various disciplines scholar series of top ranking is relying on the same boat in Beijing cloud network information technology co., LTD, a powerful information processing and data mining technology, independent public welfare project, academia and the public is dedicated to provide you with a commonweal public information service, help the public's understanding of a subject research frontier in the field of academic experts, tracking. In the development process of the ranking table, all data sources are true and reliable, and can be verified retrospectively. The ranking is not affected by any external environment and economic factors, and the principle of fairness and equity is adhered to.

        In the paper in the process of the assessment score, we will score Metrics periodicals, the author of the cited frequency, the types of paper, paper, signed (article contribution), the author H index of qualifying, the academic activity, focus degree of academic disciplines and other important factors reflect the academic influence of the paper and author potential comprehensive consideration, set weight, tries to through the paper core factors of accurate evaluation of the academic influence of scholars, avoid the current widely used in society based on the number of papers, influence factors, such as simple surface index to evaluate academic influence caused by the error of the risk of broken.

Ranking rules:

        Integral of each paper of the scholar = (author sorting position accumulation points * journal accumulation points + author sorting position accumulation points * citation frequency accumulation points + basic points * journal accumulation points + basic points * citation frequency accumulation points) * literature type accumulation points of the paper. No special grade has been given to the retracted and controversial papers.

        Degree of professional focus = number of papers published by scholars in this field/total number of papers published by scholars.

        Academic activity = number of papers of scholars in recent 3. N years/total papers of scholars.

        Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan scholars are not included in the ranking. Academics with less than 10 per cent academic activity were also excluded from the ranking.

        The system can collect the most recent papers by algorithms, but scores them with a one-month lag.

        This ranking is based solely on academic papers, which are traceable and verifiable. Despite the social evaluation of mere paper many scholars comprehensive competitiveness, but this is the top scholars academic influence ranking based on paper, rather than a comprehensive competitiveness rankings, and "the quantity, quality and influence of academic paper was positively correlated with the academic influence of scholars" should be the most people to be able to recognise the correct logic. This ranking does not take into account any other parameters such as academic titles, titles, honorary titles, awards and so on. Although this leads to incomplete evaluation indicators, it also reflects the objectivity and fairness of the ranking.

        If you have any objection, doubt or suggestion to the data, evaluation index, scoring method and ranking rules in the ranking table, please criticize and correct!

        Special announcement: this ranking is for academic reference only! Any organization or individual in the social life due to the content of this ranking caused by others or to their own social reputation and economic losses, the company will not assume any responsibility! Hope to understand and support!

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