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The expert seminar on the writing of Benweimud Clinical Application in China was successfully held online

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        Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease with a genetic background and associated with abnormal immune response, which may be accompanied by a multi-system disease. There are 7 million patients with psoriasis in China. The disease has a chronic course and is prone to relapse, often lasting a lifetime. For the benefit of the general psoriasis patients, the instruction clinical doctor rational use of independent property rights in our country's national class 1 new small molecule chemical medicine - the moder cream, late November 5, 2020, by the Chinese medical association venereology branch psoriasis skin professional committee, group China psoriasis authoritative expert co-authored in the field of "the dimension of moder expert guidance on clinical application of China seminar of experts online success. More than 20 experts from all over the country participated together, aiming to work out the reference guidance that can reasonably guide the clinical use of this drug.


        This meeting by psoriasis skin venereology branch of Chinese medical association professional committee chair professor zhang presided over all the way, professor zhang first pointed out that the dimension of moder cream is a national class 1 new drug, after more than a year, many kinds of clinical doctors lack of experience, in order to better guide the rational use the clinical doctor, organization from psoriatic professional committee and participate in the dimension of moder cream r&d, phase III clinical trials and in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients with psoriasis and basic research experts discussion together with authority and rich experience, hope that through the seminar, experts published changes, again and again modification, Jointly develop expert clinical application guidance prior to the introduction of the drug into clinical guidelines.


        This dimension of moder cream clinical research chief expert professor zhang jz, points out that in the national "11th five-year plan", "twelfth five-year", "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", "major drug discovery" national science and technology major projects to support and multiple under the collaboration of domestic hospital dermatologist, this dimension of moder cream after eleven years of research and development, the first in the world in clinical application, leading international at least 2 to 3 years, is a dermatologist first class 1 national new medicine in our country, this is the crystallization of the wisdom of Chinese dermatological department, prof hope everybody can lead the development of more new drugs in the future. I also hope that through this seminar we can express our views, strive for guidance to be released as soon as possible, to guide the clinical.


        "This d moder expert guidance on clinical application of China writing pen experts, psoriasis professional committee of advisers Zhang Xibao professor pointed out that the moder cream, used as the original new drugs in our country, from research to use is a leading worldwide, but the dermatologist for the understanding of the drug, the use and popularity is not high, so the clinical application is limited. Therefore, how to carry on the science in clinical promotion, expert guidance is particularly important, this first draft guidance includes the medicinal properties of this dimension of moder cream and pharmacological mechanism, clinical application and clinical efficacy, adverse reactions and side effects, and use the matters needing attention and summarizes six parts, the first draft for each expert comment, any changes can be put forward, further perfect the summary.

        Subsequently, each expert participating in the workshop made a speech based on the draft guidance and put forward his own Suggestions for revision. Including emphasized the moder cream for national class 1 new drug, are small molecules for external use, has the advantage in remission long, supplement the mo call outside of Germany and change the time for allyl moder, each part weight problems, indications of using a more refined, phase III clinical data should be added more detailed content, research data into the real world, state food and drug administration for 40 weeks of follow-up data supplement, usage advice, preparation for 12 weeks or more than 12 weeks of detail description, childbearing age women, for the use of pregnancy or lactation advice, external use after the dark matter of time, adverse reaction and mechanism And so on.


        Finally, professor zhang concluded, the experts believe that through the earnest, rigorous, combined with clinical experience, "the d moder clinical expert guidance in China" will stand the test of clinical, forming area all the way to the international, faster, better and more accurate application to clinical patients, the psoriasis patients getting broader and more effective treatments, standardization of outside psoriasis medicine diagnosis and treatment is of great significance as well.

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