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A new assistant of dermatology teaching -- the third edition of the teacher's Guide Book of Dermatology and Venereology

Article Source:Institute of Dermatology, Anhui Medical University    Release Rime:2019/12/14    View Count:1814 Time

        The "13th five year plan" teaching materials of the national health and Health Commission, the national university teaching materials "dermatology and Venereology" teacher guidance book (version 3) was officially published by the people's Health Press. Dermatology teachers have new assistants and new weapons in teaching.





        This book reflects the latest research progress of dermatology at home and abroad, which has been greatly improved and improved compared with the Second Edition: first, the number of diseases increased, the scope of content expanded, and 65 diseases increased. Second, in the opening part of each chapter, the key points are added for teachers to prepare lessons and students to grasp the key points. Third, a large number of pictures are added. Dermatology is a highly intuitive discipline. According to the requirements of "one disease, one skin lesion map + one pathology + special examination", most of the diseases are equipped with pictures of skin lesions, pathological pictures, dermatoscope, woollen lamp, skin CT, skin ultrasound, special staining of pathogenic bodies and tissues, etc. in the general part, many pattern maps are added, which is helpful to the management The readability is greatly enhanced. Fourth, the classification is more reasonable. For example, in Chapter 44, the dermatosis syndrome is classified again according to the pathogenesis and clinical phenotype, which is easy to find and master. In recent years, laser therapy and dermatology have developed rapidly, and this part has been expanded, and independent chapters have been arranged to make the content more systematic.

        This book was carefully created by all editorial committees. Doctors and postgraduates from the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University have worked hard for the proofreading and collation of the materials. Editors of the people's Health Publishing House have worked hard for proofreading.



        It is reported that this is a part of the national higher education planning textbook "dermatology and Venereology" Student Edition, resident standardized training edition, professional title examination, postgraduate teaching materials and other series of teaching materials edited by Professor Zhang Xuejun, which makes the construction of Dermatology and Venereology teaching material system in China more perfect, and has a powerful tool for learning at all stages on the way to becoming a doctor.

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