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Discipline thesis defense of Postgraduates completed successfully in the second half of 2019

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        On November 17, 2019, the discipline held the doctoral / Master's dissertation defense meeting in conference room 1116, 11th floor, science and education building in the second half of 2019. In order to ensure the quality of the oral defense and improve the level of the postgraduate thesis, Professor Lu Yan of Jiangsu People's hospital was specially invited as the chairman of the oral defense committee of this conference, Professor Zhang Xuejun, Professor Yang Sen, Professor Sun Liangdan, Professor Zhang Anping and Professor Xiao Fengli as the experts of the oral defense committee, and sun Liangdan, director of the scientific research department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, was invited as the chairman of the oral defense committee Presided over by the professor, the tutor of science and Technology Expo / Master's degree and the staff of graduate students and some departments participated in the defense meeting.



        The oral defense meeting was carried out orderly in accordance with the oral defense procedure of the postgraduate dissertation of Anhui Medical University. The postgraduate who participated in the oral defense combined with their own scientific research and clinical knowledge reported their own learning and research contents at the postgraduate stage. The oral defense was rich in content, including lce3d functional mechanism research of susceptibility gene of Silver Filigree disease, 595 pulse dye laser treatment of children's skin disease Bed study and analysis of Malassezia flora on the skin surface of psoriasis patients and normal people. The defense experts gave careful guidance and comments to each student, and put forward valuable suggestions for the further improvement of the paper and the next research ideas. Finally, after the experts of the oral defense committee discussed and voted together, the two doctoral students and one postgraduate agreed to participate in the oral defense passed the degree oral defense, and it is suggested that the University grant the doctorate and the master's degree respectively.









        This thesis defense of graduate students shows the training level of graduate students in our department, promotes the further improvement of scientific research level and training quality of graduate students in the discipline, and also provides a rare learning opportunity for all in the aspects of project design, opening work, thesis writing, etc. of graduate students.


(Defense Secretary: Chen Mengyun, Tang Lili)

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