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The second working meeting of psoriasis (Group) Special Committee of Dermatology and Venereology branch of the 15th Chinese Medical Association in 2019 was held in Hefei, Anhui Province.

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        On the afternoon of October 25, 2019, the second working meeting of psoriasis (Group) Special Committee of Dermatology and Venereology branch of the 15th Chinese Medical Association was successfully held in the international hall on the third floor of century Jinyuan Hotel, Hefei. Professor Zhang Xuejun, head of the 15th psoriasis group and director of the Dermatology Research Institute of Fudan University, Professor Zheng Min of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, Professor Zhang Chunlei of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Peking University, Professor Li Yuzhen of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Professor Zhang Xibao, head of the Dermatology Research Institute of Guangzhou Medical University, as well as all members of the psoriasis group and psoriasis The Director / representative of the special clinic attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Professor Zhang Chunlei and Professor Li Yuzhen.



        First of all, Professor Zhang Xuejun, leader of the group, summarized the work and achievements of the psoriasis group in 2019, and introduced the overall plan of the work of the group in 2020 and the progress of the GPA plan.

        Professor Zhang Xuejun expressed his gratitude to all the members of the group and the outpatient doctors for their efforts in this year. With the joint efforts of all of you, the editorial board of the guidelines, with Secretary General Zhang Xibao as the main finalizer, successfully completed the finalization of the 2018 China psoriasis diagnosis and treatment guidelines (full version), which was published in the October 2019 issue of the Chinese Journal of dermatology in the form of supplement. Thank you for your hard participation in the public welfare activity dandelion action in 2019. The publicity and patient education of psoriasis will be completed successfully. Thanks to the careful organization of the business group of the third psoriasis Congress and the enthusiastic participation of 100 famous doctors, more psoriasis patients will benefit. According to statistics, 1100 patients will participate in the large-scale free clinic on October 27.

        Professor Zhang Xuejun mentioned that the work of the psoriasis group has been widely recognized at home and abroad: Professor Zhang Xuejun won the "Outstanding Director Award" of the international psoriasis Association (IPC) in 2018, and the psoriasis group was awarded the "2018 top discipline publicity team".

        As the Asia Pacific director of the global psoriasis Atlas (GPA) project, Professor Zhang Xuejun pointed out that the psoriasis team will carry out work in the following aspects in 2020: 1. Carry out the national flow of psoriasis, covering all provinces in the country, and promote the construction of China's GPA system; 2. Continue to promote the opening of the dermatology outpatient and demonstration outpatient of the top three hospital Set up the work; 3. Hold the fourth China psoriasis Congress, and continue to promote the prevention and treatment of psoriasis in China; 4. Hold the second "skin immunotherapy seminar" relying on the psoriasis group and Boao super Hospital; 5. Carry out 100 GPa promotion conferences and dandelion science popularization actions nationwide relying on the National Psoriasis clinic, and promote the development of GPA project and the further education of psoriasis. 6. Complete the publication of the English version of the Chinese psoriasis diagnosis and treatment guide; 7. Participate in and complete the relevant meetings and work of the international psoriasis Association (IPC) in line with international standards; 8. Rely on the National Psoriasis clinic and dermatology precision medicine research center, continue to promote the construction of 10000 people psoriasis research queue and 300000 psoriasis chronic disease management queue nationwide; 9. On the basis of the National Psoriasis clinic, we will continue to carry out the construction of China's psoriasis Medical Association.


        Then, Professor Zheng Min introduced the progress of the preparation of papers for the psoriasis conference in 2020, the arrangement of the Chinese psoriasis conference in 2020 and the progress of the work in line with the international standards. Professor Zheng Min mentioned that the framework of the psoriasis special field in 2020 mainly includes the domestic psoriasis continuing education, psoriasis clinical trials / real world seminar and psoriasis treatment, and encouraged everyone to actively contribute to the psoriasis special field in the past year.

        Professor Zheng Min highly affirmed the contribution of psoriasis Congress to the society. Unlike the usual academic conferences, psoriasis Congress is based on patients. A group of the best dermatologists in China combine with the latest research and treatment progress of psoriasis at home and abroad every year to carry out disease knowledge popularization and compulsory diagnosis and treatment for patients, which can improve the diagnosis level of clinicians and reduce the disease burden of patients. The mutual understanding between doctors and patients has established a good relationship between doctors and patients, which has played a positive role in promoting the development of psoriasis prevention and treatment in China. Professor Zheng Min called on everyone to actively participate in the activities of international psoriasis academic organizations, such as IPC's GPA program and the annual global psoriasis conference held in Paris, and actively integrate with the international community.


        Finally, Professor Zhang Xibao made a report on the finalization and publishing process of the 2018 China psoriasis diagnosis and treatment guide (full version). This guide has gathered the consensus of the authoritative psoriasis experts in the national dermatology department, comprehensively and systematically summarized and interpreted all kinds of classic new treatment methods at home and abroad, and provided a solid theoretical basis for the treatment of psoriasis in China. Professor Zhang Xibao thanked all the experts who participated in the compilation of the guide, the members of the secretary group who had done a lot of solicitation and editing work, and the editorial staff who strongly supported the publication of the guide. With the joint efforts of all of you, the guide was successfully published. In order to enable doctors all over the country to learn from experience and effectively treat patients, Professor Zhang Xibao pointed out that he would continue to carry out the planning of psoriasis guide promotion tour activities in 2020. In addition, the English version of the guide is being actively prepared for submission by the end of this year. Professor Zhang Xibao expressed his gratitude to the members of the psoriasis Special Committee for their support and active participation in the activities of the special committee. It is hoped that in the following activities, more doctors and patients will be able to understand and participate in the dandelion action for the benefit of psoriasis patients.


        All members of the psoriasis group affirmed the work summary of the group in 2019 and the work plan in 2020, and responded with warm applause. The convening of this meeting will promote the academic group members and special outpatient units to clarify the work objectives, directions and tasks, and promote the close connection between the units to reach a consensus, so as to better serve the national psoriasis patients.


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