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Xiao Fengli Medical Doctor Professor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Tutor

  • Director of Scientific Research and Experiment Center of Anhui Medical University
  • Member of Dermatology and Venereology Society of Chinese Medical Association
  • Deputy Director of Medical Biotechnology Research Laboratory Construction and Management Branch of Chinese Medical Biotechnology Association
  • Standing Member of Dermatology and Venereology Branch of Chinese Leprosy Prevention Association
  • Member of Dermatology and Venereology Association of World Chinese Medical Association
  • Standing Member of Anhui Dermatology and Venereology Society
  • Anhui Academic and Technical Leader

Expert introduction

             Anhui has been working in the frontline of dermatology teaching and research for a long time. The main research fields are allergic dermatitis and vitiligo gene mutation group research and gene function research. It has presided over three national natural fund projects, two provincial scientific research projects, two provincial teaching projects, and participated in one doctoral program special fund of state 973 and Ministry of Education. More than 100 articles have been published, of which 11 SCI papers have been published by First and Communications Author in Nat Genet and other magazines. As deputy editor, three have been written, and more than 10 have been edited by the Editorial Committee.

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